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Every minute an Australian is diagnosed with skin cancer.
Months make all the difference.

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Dr James Haslam performing a skin check


Monday - Saturday

Skin check duration: 

15 - 20 minutes

Medicare rebate:


Where to get a skin check in Byron Bay

The Bright Side Medical & Skin Cancer Centre

We are a private billing clinic. Medicare rebates available.
No referral required.

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 8.00am - 5.30pm

9/20 Bayshore Drive
Byron Bay, NSW 2481

Phone: 02 6680 7788

Ample parking is available in the carpark off Bayshore Drive.

Independent doctors at The Bright Side Medical & Skin Cancer Centre.

Why now is the best time to get a skin check

Shorter wait times

Shorter wait times

Avoid the summer rush and secure a time and date that suits you without delay.

Fewer disguises

Fewer disguises

We see more without a tan or sunburn, making winter an ideal time for skin checks. 

Early detection

Early detection

99% of skin cancers are curable if found early. Book now to get timely and effective care.

Increased risk

Increased risk

Rates of melanoma are 117% higher in Byron Bay than the national average.

Book your skin check at the The Bright Side Medical & Skin Cancer Centre

Vital care & services delivered

We want to create a world where no one dies of skin cancer by increasing access to specialist skin cancer care, reducing patient wait times and relieving the public hospital system to save lives.


Skin checks delivered


Skin cancers diagnosed


Melanomas treated

The Bright Side Medical & Skin Cancer Centre 2023.

At our skin cancer clinic, you can expect:

  • Comprehensive skin and mole checks with dermoscopy.
  • A warm welcome and comfortable environment with male and female doctors available to perform skin checks.
  • Safe, timely and efficient diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer and melanoma.
  • A variety of skin cancer treatment options, including surgery and topical therapies.
Doctor perfoming a skin cancer check

Book your skin check at the The Bright Side Medical & Skin Cancer Centre

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a skin check work?

Your doctor will begin by asking you about your health history, including your family and personal history of skin cancer, your lifestyle habits and your sun exposure. This helps the doctor to better understand your skin cancer risk and may identify problem areas they need to pay special attention to during your skin check.

You will then undress down to your underwear, or whatever you're comfortable with. A modesty sheet can be provided, upon request, to cover sections of your body at a time, so you are never fully exposed. You may also choose to bring a chaperone with you to accompany you in the room during the skin check.

Then the doctor will systematically examine your entire skin surface using a dermatoscope, which helps them to see under the skin's surface for any signs of malignant cells. The skin under your underwear is not routinely checked unless you have specific concerns there. If there is a lesion under your underwear you are unsure about, please let the doctor know.

Suspicious lesions are noted during the skin exam and returned to for further evaluation with dermoscopy and possibly a biopsy to confirm the doctor's diagnosis.

Do I need a referral?

No, you do not need a referral from your Doctor to get your skin checked or skin cancer treated at St George Skin Cancer Centre.

Do you bulkbill?

No, we do not bulkbill skin checks. We are a private billing practice. Medicare rebates apply. Approximately $39 or more and will be repaid to your account automatically on-the-day if you use a debit card.

Full body skin checks are from $60 - $130
Fees vary depending on appointment length and concessions.

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