Dr Alison Williams

Skin Cancer & Aesthetic Doctor at New Town Skin Cancer & Skin Repair Centre


Dr Alison Williams is an experienced general practitioner with a special interest in skin cancer and aesthetics. She has a diverse medical background with extensive experience in clinical research, academia and medical publishing.

Dr Williams is passionate about skin cancer medicine and aims to detect and treat skin cancers as early as possible in order to improve patient outcomes and save lives. She is particularly interested in early skin cancer detection and treatment, especially topical treatments such as creams and photodynamic therapy, and provides comprehensive skin assessments which includes diagnosis aided by dermoscopy. Dr Williams believes that easy access to a centre which provides early detection and treatment of skin cancer is important and she is passionate about reducing the morbidity and mortality from the disease in Australia.

Building on her special interest in skin, Dr Williams also dedicates her work to aesthetics and skin rejuvenation. She provides evidence-based, medical-led treatments for patients wishing to achieve healthy, beautiful and younger-looking skin, with a focus on natural and subtle results that are tailored to the patients' goals.

Outside medicine, she enjoys bushwalking, gardening and music.

Phone: 03 6228 0041

137 New Town Road
New Town, TAS 7008

Opening hours

Monday to Friday: 8.00am - 5.00pm


Free parking is available in Roope Street and in the designated signed area behind the hotel next to our centre. Please ensure you park in the spaces marked for the New Town Skin Cancer Centre.

  • Skin cancer screening & treatments
  • Skin cancer surgery
  • Skin repair & cosmetic treatments
  • Wound & scar management with LED therapy
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