635 North East Road
Gilles Plains, SA 5086

Phone: 08 8396 3398
Opening hours

Monday to Friday: 8.30am - 5.00pm


Parking is available out the front of the centre.

  • Skin cancer screening & treatments
  • Skin repair & cosmetic treatments
  • Skin cancer surgery
  • Wound & scar management with LED Light therapy
  • Total body photography / mole mapping
  • Vasectomy procedures

Our pricing

North East Skin Cancer Centre is a private billing facility. We offer several payment options, including cash, EFTPOS and credit card. For your convenience, we use Medicare online so your rebate will be refunded promptly. Please ask our staff for more information. 

With the exception of Gold Card veterans who will be fully bulk billed, patients will fall into one of two categories: Private and Concession which includes healthcare card holders and aged pensioners.

  • Full body skin cancer check: $115-$156 private |  $92-$125 pensioners [Medicare rebate available]

  • Spot check: $115 private | $92 pensioners [Medicare rebate available]

  • Total body photography: $100 

  • LED light therapy: single session $50 | three sessions $125 | six sessions $250 

  • Vasectomies: consult $100 - [Medicare rebate of $39.10] | procedure $600 - [Medicare rebate of $203.35] 

About North East Skin Cancer Centre

At our skin cancer clinic in Adelaide (Gilles Plains), North East Skin Cancer Centre (formerly called Redgum Skin Cancer Clinic), we provide a comprehensive approach to looking after your skin health. Our qualified team specialises in skin cancer diagnosis and treatment, and our experienced Skin Cancer Doctors are supported by a highly trained team of support staff for your optimal care.

Following our vision of a world where nobody dies of skin cancer, we deliver the highest standard of care and save lives every day. You can be sure that our specially trained team will provide you with expert advice, utmost skill – and most importantly, peace of mind. We can help you with skin cancer examinations, total body photography, surgical and non-surgical skin cancer treatments, and wound and scar management.

In addition to our flagship skin cancer services, we also perform vasectomies. Our doctors are experienced in performing vasectomy procedures for male fertility control. Our centre is equipped with dedicated consulting rooms and surgical theatres, with a team of skilled support staff for your aftercare. Learn more.

Your health and satisfaction are at the forefront of everything we do. We understand that all patients have varying requirements and aspirations; therefore we will always tailor your care plan for you and work hard to exceed your expectations. Thank you for choosing to go on your skin health journey with us!

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Why Choose Us

How we make a difference


Improve access to skin cancer care

Improve access to skin cancer care and reduce the mortality and morbidity of the disease.


Reduce waiting times for patients

Reduce the waiting time for patients to receive efficient diagnosis and treatment.


Provide vital skin cancer care

Provide vital skin cancer care to communities with limited or no access to specialists.


Save lives and improve patient outcomes

Save lives by dramatically reducing the delay in diagnosis and treatment. 


Relieve the public hospital system

Relieve the public hospital system as most patients cannot afford specialist care.


Provide a referral option for GPs

Offer a high-quality referral option to local GPs managing patients outside their scope.