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We are excited about the future and look forward to working with you for the betterment of patients’ lives. We hope you will join us as we strive towards realising our vision of a world where nobody dies from skin cancer. 

Speak to our Recruitment Manager, Sharon Margo


Speak to our Acquisition Manager, Mark Rushton

Frequently Asked Questions

Next Steps

  1. We organise for you to meet with Founder & CEO Paul Elmslie to discuss the opportunity.
  2. You decide if this is the right opportunity & fit for you.
  3. You complete Due Diligence Part 1 and discuss financials with COO Matt Woollard and we provide you with a Proforma Offer Letter and confidentiality agreement. (step 3 and 6 combined)
  4. Our Acquisition Committee meets to discuss the opportunity.
  5. You meet with Paul Elmslie to negotiate terms and conditions for the sale.
  6. We provide you with a Proforma Offer Letter and confidentiality agreement.
  7. You and your Practice Manager meet with our operations team and Prof David Wilkinson
    (Chairman of Clinical Advisory Board) to discuss the settlement process.
  8. Our operations team visits your practice to complete Due Diligence Part 2.
  9. You meet with Paul Elmslie for final negotiations and queries.
  10. Upon settlement, you sign the documents and complete the onboarding checklist.
  11. Congratulations! We work together on the onboarding process!