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Thinking of selling your practice?

As a skin cancer clinic owner, you have invested time, money and hard work into your practice over the years. However, whether you are looking to pursue new ventures or are ready to retire to enjoy life after work, there may come a time when it makes sense to consider your exit options.

Join private network for peace of mind

Being a dedicated private business with patient and industry interests at heart, we can help provide the comfort you seek as opposed to selling to a corporate business which may not share your passion for your patients and practice. With us, you will not have to shut your clinic and move into a general practice. We offer ‘business as usual’ but with added benefits of access to resources and expertise. You can continue to enjoy clinical independence and send your pathology to the laboratory of your choice.

Partner with industry leaders

The National Skin Cancer Centres are Australia’s leading provider of skin cancer services. Developed in 1999, our model features dedicated facilities with fully equipped operating theatres, the latest diagnostic imaging technology, and nursing support with procedures and wound management to help doctors deliver exceptional patient outcomes in an enjoyable working environment. In select locations and due to high demand, we also offer skin repair and rejuvenation treatments to complement our skin cancer services. Our team consists of handpicked, specially trained medical practitioners and support staff who all share a passion for skin cancer, a common purpose and our core values.

Make a difference

Our innovative skin cancer centre model allows us to move skin cancer management from public hospitals to primary care and fill the void in skin cancer services created by a shortage of specialists. By improving the access to inexpensive skin cancer care, we take a vital step towards reducing the mortality and morbidity of skin cancer. Our goal is to build a network of 30 centres across Australia that are centres of excellence. We have chosen to find existing centres where owners want to join a like minded group and move from an isolated environment to working with leaders in the field. Leverage off our collective clinical and business knowledge for the benefits of our patients. The decision to join us is not insignificant for you or us as a decision like this is similar to getting married. Something that requires both parties to know we are a good fit and the best for both of us long term.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Administrative support: Let go of the responsibility of running the practice so you can focus on being a great doctor
  • Industry leading standards: Take advantage of our efficient processes and systems to optimise the practice and ensure compliance with current standards
  • Growth specialists: Access dedicated professionals to grow the practice, including marketing and HR
  • Enhanced recruitment: Grow your practice through newly recruited doctors from our largest database of skin cancer doctors in Australia
  • Ongoing learning: Take advantage of ongoing professional development and teaching opportunities
  • Diversified income: Significantly increase your income without the headaches

Clinical advisory board

The Clinical Advisory Board (CAB) serves the network of National Skin Cancer Centres (NSCC) across Australia. Each centre nominates one of their doctors to represent them on the CAB, which is chaired by Professor David Wilkinson.
David was Dean of Medicine at The University of Queensland between 2004 and 2013, when he designed and developed the Masters of Medicine degree in Skin Cancer which led to the development of the HealthCert Education short courses. David has taught more than 6,000 GPs the basics of skin cancer through about 80 workshops delivered over 15 years.

The CAB serves to facilitate communication between doctors across the centres, to develop clinical practice guidelines and guidance, and to provide a vehicle for communication between doctors and NSCC management. CAB meets via video conferencing for one hour every two months, with a formal agenda and minutes. The agenda is created by the members of the CAB, and members then communicate the discussions at CAB to their colleagues in each centre.
The CAB has considered a wide range of topics since its inception. These range from the scope and form of doctors’ agreements / contracts, evidence base to support use of sterile or non-sterile gloves, and melanoma follow-up protocols, just by way of example.

CAB is a collegial body, run by doctors for doctors, and CAB does not make decisions for doctors. One of the real benefits of being part of NSCC for centres and doctors is to be an active and engaged part of a professional network. The CAB helps doctors learn from each other, and provides a mechanism for doctors to be supported and to support each other.

Prof_David_WilkinsonProfessor David Wilkinson
Clinical Director / Head of Clinical Advisory Board

David is Deputy Vice Chancellor, Engagement at Macquarie University and former Dean of the School of Medicine at The University of Queensland. He is a global leader who has authored multiple research papers in skin cancer medicine, designed and led the development of the world’s only Master of Medicine in skin cancer, and helped develop and present a suite of skin cancer short courses delivered by HealthCert Education.

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