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Some of the most noted local experts are part of our network. They are not only renowned skin cancer doctors but also educators involved in the ongoing education of GPs around Australia through university-assured skin cancer medicine programs. We are proud to share our knowledge and train other doctors in potentially lifesaving skills so they can improve outcomes for their patients.

Dr Paul Evans

NSCC shows a certain commitment beyond just making money out of a clinic. They are putting something back into skin cancer as well.

Dr Ian Thompson

Wanting to ease off and transition to retirement, it was a real blessing because I could just do my clinical work and forget about the rest.

Dr Donal Kerrin

We are getting patients we haven't seen for four or five years coming back into the fold.

A/Prof John Pyne

HealthCert and NSCC are interwoven in the theme of education, training, and research. To me it’s very important.

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