Ideal treatment for:

  • Contouring the body after pregnancy
  • Removing excess skin after weight loss
  • Slimming the shape of the body after the effects of ageing
  • Eliminating fat around the belly
  • Increasing strength and tone of the abdominal muscles
  • Relieving incontinence or pain as a result of weak abdominal muscles

Abdominoplasty (or tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach to improve body contour and achieve a smoother shape to the abdomen. The procedure can also help tighten and strengthen the muscles in this area to relieve pain or incontinence.

How it works

A full abdominoplasty involves the removal of excess skin and fat and the repairing of any muscle separation (which tends to be more common after childbirth). The abdominal muscles and their tissues are pulled together and tightened.

A circumferential body lift is a more extensive tummy tuck involving an incision around the entirety of the lower body and can also help lift the buttock and thigh skin.

Abdominoplasties are a common procedure and (with the right surgeon and care) the results can be life-changing.


Remove excess skin after pregnancy or weight loss

Excess skin can be difficult to shift after pregnancy or rapid weight loss, but an abdominoplasty can help remove this loose skin safely and effectively.

Slim and contour your body

Removing excess skin can dramatically improve the contours of your body, slim down a common problem area of excess weight, and enhance your natural body shape.

Tighten and tone your tummy muscles

An abdominoplasty brings together the muscles in your abdomen to tighten, tone and strengthen your stomach. This can also help treat incontinence! 

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Frequently asked questions

How much downtime do I need after an abdominoplasty?
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You should plan for at least a few weeks recovery time, with at least two to four weeks recommended off work, with normal physical activities including exercise not recommended for at least four to six weeks after the surgery. This allows your body time to heal including the incisions and stitches.

Will I have side effects after an abdominoplasty?
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You may have drains, bruising, swelling, tightness and discomfort which your doctor will help you to manage with medication and aftercare advice.

Will I have scarring after an abdominoplasty?
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Your doctor will work towards ensuring your incisions are as inconspicuously placed as possible, but there will be a few well-placed scars.

Who will perform my treatment?
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Abdominoplasties are performed strictly by our degree-certified doctors, with support from a team of experienced and qualified nursing staff.

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