Ideal treatment for:

  • Lift and open the eyes
  • Correct wrinkles between the eyes
  • Reduce the appearance of heavy eyelids
  • Create a more pleasing shape and arch to the brows
  • Reduce wrinkles, lines and ingrained facial expressions on your forehead

Reposition your eyebrows to give your eyes a fresher, more open and youthful look, with a brow lift.

Skin laxity and wrinkling above and between the brows can be caused by your pattern of facial expressions (for example, frequent frowning), which are almost impossible to change. Marked wrinkling between the eyes due to this type of muscle activity can be reduced during your brow lift, which is ideal for reversing the effects of hard work, stress or gravity for patients who want to turn back the clock.

How it works

Brow lifts are a surgical procedure performed under local or general anaesthetic. There are different techniques for a brow lift relating to where the incisions are made, and your doctor will discuss which technique will suit you.

Normal facial expression and adequate brow movements are preserved with a brow lift, however it is essential to choose a doctor who has the right training and experience to perform surgery on the face to avoid an unnatural or "pulled" look.


Lift & open your eyes

Reduce the appearance of heavy eyelids and give your eyes a more "open" look, to refresh your overall appearance.

Reduce wrinkles & heavy eyelids

A brow lift helps to reduce skin laxity and wrinkles between the eyes and around the eye area, often caused by repeated facial expressions, to give your face a smoother, younger look!

Shape your brows

A brow lift repositions your eyebrows to help shape the perfect arch which improves facial symmetry and is easier to maintain.

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Frequently asked questions

Who should get a brow lift?
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Brow lifts are popular in patients experiencing the effects of ageing in the eye area, including wrinkles between and around the eyes, heavy or droopy eyelids, laxity around the eyes and brows, or just a generally "tired" look.

Will I be left with scars?
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Scars from a brow lift are very small and can be strategically hidden. Our doctors are extremely skilled in minimising scarring.

What is the downtime after a brow lift?
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Most patients are back at work after five to seven days and can resume exercising or other vigorous physical activity not long after. Your doctor will speak with you about appropriate aftercare.

What side effects may I experience after a brow lift procedure?
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After your brow lift procedure, you may expect bruising and swelling, possible numbness, pain and discomfort, and dressings on your face.

Who will perform my brow lift?
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Brow lifts are performed strictly by degree-certified doctors, supported by a team of qualified and experienced nursing staff in a safe medical setting.

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