Ideal treatment for:

  • Lax skin around the face, neck, hands and décolletage
  • Under-eye bags and circles
  • Heavy upper eyelids

Pelleve radiofrequency is a skin tightening treatment which focuses a wavelength into the skin to gradually heat it, causing collagen fibres to contract and tighten the skin. It is ideal for use on the face and neck to tighten lax skin for a more youthful look. Pelleve radiofrequency is non-invasive and painless with no downtime.

How it works

Pelleve radiofrequency gradually heats the skin to 39 to 42 degrees. Radiofrequency waves are passed from a handpiece moved over the treatment area to a receiving plate attached on another part of the body. The bonds between the collagen fibres are disrupted, causing the collagen to contract.

During the procedure, a receiving plate is stuck to your back. A gel is placed on the treatment area and the handpiece is passed over your face several times. This is a comfortable and pain-free procedure.


Treat hooded and tired eyes

Pelleve radiofrequency is ideal for treating under-eye bags and dark circles, and lifting and tightening heavy or hooded eyelids.

Tighter, smoother skin

Enjoy tighter, smoother and more youthful-looking skin in problem areas such as the face, neck, hands and décolletage.

Comfortable and pain-free

Unlike some other radiofrequency treatments, Pelleve radiofrequency is a comfortable and painless skin tightening procedure with no downtime. Some patients even find it relaxing!

Benefits of Pelleve Radiofrequency

Frequently asked questions

What results can I expect from Pelleve radiofrequency and how long with it last?
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Patients usually enjoy immediate skin tightening post-treatment with Pelleve radiofrequency. An initial course of 2-3 treatments spaced about 2 months apart is recommended, following by regular maintenance if desired.

The results are permanent, however additional skin sagging can occur as a result of the natural ageing process and gravity.

What are the side effects of Pelleve radiofrequency?
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Some patients experience mild swelling and redness which subside after a few hours.

What is the difference between pulsed radiofrequency and Pelleve?
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Pelleve radiofrequency is a more gentle and gradual method of tightening the skin, and enhances patient safety and comfort.

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