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Chemical peels

This treatment is currently only available at New Town Skin Cancer Centre.

We offer a range of peels for different skin concerns including hydration, pigmentation, acne and skin ageing, helping to refine, resurface, restore or rejuvenate your skin. We use acid substances rather than alkali substances as they produce controlled, predictable peeling, promote skin cell turnover and encourage regeneration and repair. 

Chemical peels improve the skin's upper layers by inducing a healing effect as damaged layers of skin are replaced by healthy ones. Peels are usually divided into superficial, medium or deep. Medium to deeper peels are better for older patients with thicker, sun damaged skin. These patients benefit from a stronger peel that exfoliates all the superficial layers of the skin and stimulates the dermis to produce more collagen. Deeper peels have a better result but are more prone to complications. Younger patients with acne-prone skin, multiple blackheads, blocked pores, mild freckling or lighter skin usually benefit from a salicylate peel.

This is the mildest of all chemical peels that produces some stinging, a little redness for a few days, and very little peeling. The results include a fresher, smoother appearance to the skin. Recommended series of six treatments.

This type of peel is particularly useful for acne-prone or oily skin. It is very effective for improving the appearance of blackheads and pores as it gets into the oil gland and clears the plug. It is a relatively mild peel with scaling and redness only continuing for a few days afterwards.

This deep peel results in peeling that can last for 10 to 14 days to treat sun damage, freckles, fine lines, pigmentation, acne scarring, and age spots. 

For maximum results, pre-treat your skin with microdermabrasion (to extend the depth of the treatment and making it more complete) and add a LED light therapy treatment to accelerate healing. Even if your skin is pristine and you just need a quick pick-me-up, a light glycolic acid peel can be beneficial.

As with all our aesthetic procedures, we advise all new patients to book a consultation with one of our aesthetic doctors before undertaking any treatments. Our doctors have postgraduate training in skin cancer medicine, dermatology and aesthetic medicine.



Please take these precautions prior to undergoing a chemical peel:

  • Skin should be free of all open wounds and cold sores
  • Let us know if you are prone to cold sores, as it is advisable to take a course of antiviral medications prior, during and after recovery
  • Please let us know if you are currently taking Roaccutane
  • Stop smoking prior to undergoing any form of peel at least two weeks prior to treatment
  • Antibiotics should be commenced one day prior to a medium/deeper peel
  • Keep skin free of make up on the day of your peel
  • Stay out of the sun prior to treatment
  • Do not apply home exfoliating treatments one week prior to treatment.



With superficial chemical peels, most patients see mild improvement in their skin within 24 hours. Skin can feel dry a few days later, so it is wise to apply moisturiser. Results take a few more days with a deeper peel, but after the necessary recovery period the skin looks healthier and blemish-free.

Superficial peels are best done as a series of six every three to four weeks. Medium depth TCA peels can be done once to twice a year.



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