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LED light therapy

This treatment is currently only available at New Town Skin Cancer Centre.

LED light therapy is painless, safe and effective. This non-invasive treatment allows light to penetrate deep into skin tissue. It stimulates gradual healing by increasing blood circulation and lymphatic activity.

There are three types of treatments:

     - red light therapy

     - blue light therapy

     - yellow light therapy


The blue light therapy has been proven to be very effective against more difficult acne cases, while red light therapy is used for the treatment of rosacea, ageing, hyper-pigmentation and sun damage. The red light reaches deep skin layers and stimulates collagen fibre cell growth, improving cell metabolism and making the skin more elastic and smooth. 

Combinations of these colours are used to target specific skin conditions.

Add a LED light therapy treatment to any other treatment to accelerate healing, reduce bruising and rejuvenate damaged and ageing skin.



To book your skin repair consult, please call New Town Skin Cancer Centre on 03 6228 0041.

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