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Rejuvenative injectables

This treatment is currently only available at New Town Skin Cancer Centre.

Rejuvenative injectables are a ground-breaking non-surgical procedure for facial and skin rejuvenation. The treatment uses your own blood platelets to stimulate new cell growth, improve your skin texture and restore lost facial volume through the growth factors that blood platelets are known to contain.

A small sample of your blood is processed in a specialised system designed to extract the plasma which is then injected into the areas that require tissue remodelling and rejuvenation. As the injectables are made up of your own blood, there is little risk of rejection or allergic reaction. You are using your natural resources to repair and improve skin tissue.

For best results, combine your rejuvenative injectables treatment with skin needling and a LED light therapy treatment.

The processing of the treatment takes 20 minutes and the procedure takes 20 to 25 minutes. Some patients are not suitable for this treatment. You must inform your clinician if you are taking medication or are undergoing any long-term therapies.

When assessing whether you are suitable for rejuvenative injectables, your doctor will consider a variety of factors, including: 



  • your health and lifestyle
  • platelet dysfunction syndrome
  • critical thrombocytopenia
  • hypofibrinogenemia
  • haemodynamic instability
  • sepsis
  • acute and chronic infections
  • chronic live pathology
  • anticoagulation therapy (warfarin)
  • skin disease or cancer
  • several metabolic and systemic disorders



Each person is unique and the response to rejuvenative injectables will vary, though adverse reactions are rare. You may feel a tingling sensation after the procedure. Your skin texture will respond as new tissue cells grow. Visible results may take three to six weeks and continue for up to six months.

The result of the treatment will depend on overall health, age, dietary variations, and other health factors including your unique skin type.



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