The Skin Clinic Fremantle

We are a private billing clinic. Medicare rebates available.
No referral required.

Opening hours:
Monday - Thursday: 8.30am - 5.00pm
Friday: 8:30am - 4:00pm

6 Short Street, Fremantle
Perth, WA 6160

Phone: 08 9336 3066

Metered on-street parking along Short Street and Phillimore Street. Excellent accessibility via public transport, only 150m from Fremantle Train Station.

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Our pricing

The Skin Clinic Fremantle is a private billing facility. We offer several payment options, including cash, EFTPOS and credit card. For your convenience, we use Medicare online so your rebate will be refunded promptly. Please ask our staff for more information.

Discounted rates available for DVA patients (gold/valid white cards) and pension card holders. Please contact us to learn more.

Full body skin cancer check

$115 - $165

Fee may vary depending on appointment length.
  • Medicare rebate available

  • Discounted rates for pensioners available



Shave or Punch
  • Medicare rebate available



  • Medicare rebate available

Additional procedures

Price upon consultation

Surgical procedures, mole removal, solar damage repair
  • Medicare rebate available

At our skin cancer clinic in Perth (Fremantle), The Skin Clinic Fremantle, we provide a comprehensive approach to looking after your skin health. The qualified team works primarily in skin cancer diagnosis and treatment, and experienced doctors are supported by a highly trained team of support staff for your optimal care. Following our vision of a world where nobody dies of skin cancer, we deliver the highest standard of care and save lives every day. Our medical team will provide you with expert advice, utmost skill – and most importantly, peace of mind. We can help you with skin cancer screening and diagnosis, surgical and non-surgical skin cancer treatments, mole removal, and wound and scar management. 

Conveniently located near Quest Fremantle, just 30 minutes from the Perth CBD, metered on-street parking is available along Short Street and Phillimore Street. If you arrive by car, entry via Phillimore Street is best. If you're taking public transport, Fremantle Train Station is only 150 metres away.

Your health and satisfaction are at the forefront of everything we do. We understand that all patients have varying requirements and aspirations; therefore, we will always tailor your care plan for you and work hard to exceed your expectations. Thank you for choosing us for your skin check in Perth!

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Frequently asked questions

Can skin cancer look like a pimple?

Skin cancers, including potentially deadly melanomas and squamous cell carcinomas, can sometimes appear as blisters, pimples, or simply sores that won't go away. The only definitive way to identify a skin malignancy is to have it assessed by a doctor with training in skin cancer medicine, who will examine the lesion with a dermatoscope and perform a biopsy to confirm their diagnosis.

Where can I find a skin cancer clinic in Perth?

Conveniently located near Quest Fremantle, The Skin Clinic Fremantle is just 30 minutes from the Perth CBD. Metered on-street parking is available along Short Street and Phillimore Street. If you arrive by car, entry via Phillimore Street is best. If you're taking public transport, Fremantle Train Station is only 150 metres away.

Does Medicare cover skin checks in Australia?

Comprehensive skin cancer checks are privately billed, which means they are not fully covered by Medicare. However, after you pay the upfront cost of the skin check, you can claim a partial Medicare rebate of approximately $39 or more. 

What age should I get my skin checked?

Annual professional skin cancer checks are the rule of thumb for most people living in Australia from the age of sixteen. However, you may require more frequent skin checks if you have had skin cancer before or if your doctor identifies that you are at high risk. In that case, you may require skin checks every three to six months. Other people at very low risk of skin cancer (as advised by a doctor) may be able to go two years without a skin check, but you should check with your doctor about what is best for you. In between professional full-body checks, you should self-monitor for new or changing lesions and show your doctor immediately if anything develops, even if you are not due for your regular skin check yet.

Where can I get checked for skin cancer?

Doctors with advanced training in skin cancer medicine perform comprehensive skin checks in dedicated facilities that are fully equipped to diagnose, biopsy and treat all skin cancers using the latest tools and technologies for earliest diagnosis. They have advanced qualifications and dedicate their practise full-time to skin cancer management.

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How we make a difference

Improve access to skin cancer care and reduce the mortality of the disease.

Reduce waiting times for patients to receive efficient diagnosis and treatment.

Provide skin cancer care to communities with limited access to specialists.

Save lives by reducing delay in diagnosis and treatment.

Relieve the public hospital system by providing affordable quality care.

Offer referral option for GPs managing patients outside their scope.