HIFU Eclip Therapy

Contour facial features and reduce skin sagging with ultrasound energy.

HIFU Therapy

A skin tightening treatment with ultrasound energy

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (or HIFU) uses ultrasound technology to tighten, lift, and contour the skin. 

HIFU is an advanced, long-lasting treatment that penetrates deeper and lasts longer than fractional laser or radiofrequency technology!

HIFU ultrasound is ideal for:

  • The neck, jawline, chin, brow, under-eyes, nasolabial folds and lower face
  • Lifting and tightening the skin
  • Restoring skin vitality
  • Reducing lax or sagging skin
  • Loss of elasticity
HIFU chin

Benefits of HIFU skin tightening

HiFU Double Chin - icon 1

Reduce double chin

Treat sagging skin in the neck, jaw and chin, for a tighter, more defined face and sculpted jawline.

HiFU Painless and non invasive - icon 2

Non-invasive with visible results

HIFU uses innovative ultrasound energy for amazing results without invasive surgery. Kickstart collagen production for brighter, clearer skin.

HiFU Reduce wrinkles and lines - icon 3

Reduce wrinkles & lines

HIFU non-surgical facelift restores skin tightness and lessens the appearance of wrinkles, for a more youthful look.

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How does HIFU ultrasound work?

The ultrasound energy is applied deep into the dermis, subcutaneous fat and muscle layers to create gentle thermal injury. HIFU is a non-invasive procedure that uses the body’s own healing response to lift and tighten loose skin. This gives a lifting effect to your skin and helps restore its youth and vitality! 

During the treatment, an ultrasound gel is applied, followed by the HIFU handpiece. Rows of rapid, precise ultrasonic heat energy are released, causing a warm prickling sensation. This is repeated over the whole treatment area. The procedure takes 30-60 minutes.

Following pre and post-treatment care guidelines will help optimise your results. Our Skin Therapists will walk you through any contraindications or side-effects that might affect you.

Some patients are not suitable for HIFU Eclip Therapy. The treatment should be avoided if:

- You have aesthetic threads, implants or recent dermal fillers in the treatment area.

- You are pregnant.

- You have open wounds or lesions on the treatment area.

- You have cystic acne.

- You have a pacemaker or electronic device implants in the treatment area.

If you have a history of cold sores, preventative oral antiviral tablets are recommended before and after treatment.


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Before and after results from HIFU skin tightening

Frequently asked questions

What is the downtime for HIFU Eclip Therapy?

The procedure will take between 30 – 60 minutes and there is no downtime involved. You can apply makeup immediately afterwards and normal activities can be resumed.

How soon will you see results from HIFU?

Long lasting results will gradually develop overtime and you will initially see effects after one month, which will continue to improve for up to nine months.

Is HIFU Eclip Therapy facelift painful?

HIFU offers a non-surgical facelift option that is less painful than invasive surgery. The high intensity ultrasound energy is able to treat sensitive areas such as the face, eye and neck with minimal discomfort.

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