Share your skin cancer story to raise awareness and save someone's life.

If you are a skin cancer survivor or have been diagnosed with skin cancer, we would like to hear your story! Please share your journey with us to help raise awareness for timely skin cancer checks.

Despite most skin cancers being curable if detected and treated early, every five hours an Australian still dies from melanoma. Sharing your skin cancer story may encourage others to get a skin cancer check, catching potentially deadly skin cancers before it's too late. Whether your skin cancer journey is behind you or just getting started, your words have the power to save lives.

It's also important to celebrate our heroes. If someone encouraged you to get a skin check and thereby saved your life - or if you spotted an unusual mole on someone else's skin and urged them to see a doctor - please consider sharing this story with us too. We would love to learn more about your hero.

Your words have the power to make a difference and save someone's life.

Send us your story along with a photo, or record a video describing your journey. Thank you for joining us in the fight against skin cancer.