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Latest Stories

Self-Examining Your Skin for Melanoma

CATEGORY: Detection

How often should you check your skin for suspicious lesions, and what are the warning signs of a melanoma?

10 Tips for Healthy Skin

CATEGORY: Prevention

Looking after your skin can dramatically improve its appearance, protect it from skin cancer, and reduce the signs of ageing. We have compiled 10 tips for healthy, glowing skin.

Skin Cancer in Different Skin Types


Skin cancer doesn't just effect Caucasians - anyone can get skin cancer, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or skin colour.

Cancer on the Rise Among Young Australians


Three 15 to 24 year-olds are diagnosed with cancer in Australia every day on average, with melanoma the most commonly diagnosed cancer among this age group, according to a report by the Australian Ins...

Sunburn and sunbeds: Increasing your skin cancer risk


Did you know that using a solarium can double your risk of skin cancer? Over-exposure to the sun during your younger years can dramatically increase your chance of developing skin cancers such as mela...

Baby Boomers At High Risk of Melanoma


When Australia's Baby Boomer generation were youngsters, there were no advertising blitzes or PR campaigns warning against the deadly risks associated with sun exposure. Brown tans and sunburns were c...

What do suspicious lesions look like?

CATEGORY: Detection

If you look at your own skin and see something that stands out, you should be suspicious of melanoma. Causing nearly 2,000 deaths every year in Australia, melanomas are usually the "ugly duckling" on ...

Reduce Large Pores and Acne with Kleresca

CATEGORY: Treatment

Have you tried all the usual medications and treatments to manage acne, with little success? We offer a new alternative to treat acne and acne scars, using a gel activated by blue light over a period ...

Educating the Community About Skin Cancer

CATEGORY: Prevention, Detection

Living in the skin cancer capital of the world, it’s so important for Australians to be informed about skin cancer prevention and early detection. Two in three of us will get skin cancer by the age of...

How to safely get vitamin D

CATEGORY: Prevention

As we come into the cooler months, it becomes a little harder to soak up the sun. That usually means a drop in the level of vitamin D in your body. Should you worry if you’re not getting as much sunli...