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Latest Stories

Extreme Sunburn Cases Triple

CATEGORY: Prevention, Risks

A record number of people are presenting to the emergency room with sunburn-related injuries, especially in Victoria, where the number of extreme sunburn cases has tripled. Hospital emergency data rev...

A Quarter of Australians Photograph Their Moles

CATEGORY: Detection, Research

Almost a quarter of Australians photograph their skin to keep track of moles, with an estimated 100 million potentially life-saving images taken every year, according to recent research. The skin chec...

Apply Sunscreen Before Boarding A Plane

CATEGORY: Prevention, Risks

Did you know that you should apply sunscreen before boarding a plane? Dermatologists advise that SPF30+ sunscreen should be worn every day to prevent the signs of ageing and skin cancer, and this is e...

Tips to Surviving Summer

CATEGORY: Prevention

With the Australian summer in full swing, what can you do to survive the heat and protect yourself from the sun? Keep hydrated Your body needs a lot of water every day and you lose a lot of fluids thr...

Australians Pick Smartphones Over Sunscreen


What is the first thing you pack when you are heading to the beach? A towel? Your bathing suit? Perhaps some sunscreen and a hat? A survey has found that beachgoers actually choose their smartphones a...

Protecting Kids From The Sun

CATEGORY: Prevention

Australia is a nation of beachgoers, surfers, swimmers and sport fanatics. We love the sun. But we also have the highest skin cancer rates in the world.

Can Tattoos, Tans and Body Hair Protect You From the Sun?

CATEGORY: Prevention

We know the age-old message “slip, slop, slap”, but are there other methods of protecting our skin from the sun? Do natural tans, thick hair, or tattoos work in the same way as sunscreen or protective...

Your Eyelids are the Most Skin Cancer-Prone Part of Your Face

CATEGORY: Prevention

Did you know that most skin cancers develop on the face, with the most cancer-prone area being the eyelids?

What happens when we get sunburnt?

CATEGORY: Prevention

Countless campaigns encourage Australians to stay out of the sun and adopt ‘sun safe’ practices. But why? What actually happens when we get sunburnt?

No Such Thing as a Healthy Tan


Did you know that there is no such thing as a “healthy tan”? That summer glow is actually a sign that your skin cells are in trauma and trying to protect themselves from more damage.