Skin consultations

All patients have varying requirements and aspirations - that's why we provide full skin consultations before each treatment. During your skin consultation, we will accurately address your medical and aesthetic skin concerns and tailor the optimum treatment program for your needs in an effective and safe way!

Complimentary consultations are available with our Skin Therapists who will work with you to address your specific skin concerns. You will receive a tailored skin care plan and expert skin health advice, and your consultation may include an assessment with a Skin Imager tool.

Treatment plans are customised according to your skin type and any problems you experience with your skin, identified with a thorough assessment that targets future problems as well as your current skincare concerns. Our team is passionate about helping you achieve healthy and beautiful skin!

Consultations are also available with Aesthetic Doctors and nurses.

How it works

At your skin consultation, our team will talk with you in-depth about your skin concerns and take some photographs of your face from various aspects so we can better assess which approach will give you healthier skin and a rejuvenated appearance. You will leave your consultation with a take-home skin care plan and a proposed treatment regime based on your needs, so you can get started on your journey towards healthy skin!


Tailored treatment program

Receive a full skin consultation with a qualified Aesthetic Doctor or Skin Therapist to understand your skin and how best to address individual concerns to maintain healthy skin for life.

Expert skin health advice

Learn more about your skin and the underlying causes of your skin concerns, and receive expert skin health advice and education on how best to manage your skin at home.

Your personal skin care plan

After your skin consultation, walk away with a personalised skin care plan developed to target individual skin concerns such as acne, rosacea, pigmentation, ageing, sun damage, wrinkles and more!

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Frequently asked questions

How long does a skin consultation take?
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Skin consultations take around 45 minutes for new patients. For returning patients, a skin consultation takes 30 minutes with an Aesthetic Doctor or 15 minutes with an Aesthetic Nurse. 

Why do I need a skin consultation?
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We take a comprehensive, holistic approach to managing your skin health and aim to address all your medical and aesthetic skin needs. Our team will work with you to assess your skin and individual skin needs and develop a treatment plan tailored to your concerns. Our medical-based approach delivers safer and more natural-looking results for you, as your health and happiness are our top priority!

What is the benefit of seeing an Aesthetic Doctor?
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Our Aesthetic Doctors are specially trained in aesthetic medicine and are university qualified to deliver safe and effective treatments to optimise outcomes for you. It is important to only receive cosmetic procedures from experienced and suitably certified medical professionals, as these procedures do carry health risks.

Will I receive Skin Imaging?
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Available at select locations only, the SkinScope skin imaging tool is state-of-the-art full-face diagnostic technology that reveals underlying skin concerns before they rise to the surface. Our Aesthetic Nurses are trained in using this tool to give you an accurate and insightful skin condition report. A consultation with the SkinScope skin imager is complimentary.


Skin health tips for you

What can you expect when you come to see one of our Doctors or Skin Therapists for a skin consultation? In this short video, Skin Therapist Amanda
Do you suffer from a ruddy complexion, redness, rosacea, visible veins, or skin that flushes easily? You might struggle to find ways to improve your
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We keep you safe

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we delve deeper

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