Skin Solutions packages

Our comprehensive Skin Solutions packages have been created to treat the four most common medical and cosmetic skin concerns.

Combining skin treatments and home skincare, we can help you achieve lasting results.

  • Acne and inflammation
  • Pigmentation
  • Sensitivity
  • Skin rejuvenation
Skin solutions package 1
  • Treats acne & prevents recurrence
  • Eliminates bacteria & deeply clears skin
  • Stimulates cell renewal & refines skin texture
  • Reduces scarring & post-acne pigmentation
Skin solutions package 2
  • Suitable & safe for all skin types
  • Treats melasma, pigmentation & discolouration
  • Results guaranteed by world leading treatment
Skin solutions package 3
  • Repairs the skin & accelerates healing
  • Relieves inflammation, tightness & redness
  • Increases collagen production & cell turnover
Skin solutions package 4
  • Revitalises skin & improves skin tone
  • Smooths lines & improves wrinkles
  • Increases collagen & elastin production

How it works

Our team can assess your skin concerns and recommend a tailored Skin Solutions package to address your needs. The packages include a specific combination of foremost therapies best suited to treat the four most common skin concerns, including acne and inflammation, pigmentation, sensitivity, and overall rejuvenation.


Tailored treatment program

Combine the foremost treatments for your specific skin concerns into one easy package to achieve targeted results, saving you time and cost.

Achieve lasting results

Benefit from tailor-made treatments designed to achieve maximum efficacy and long-lasting results, for healthy and more beautiful skin.

Revitalise your skin

Improve your skin tone, refresh your complexion and target recurring concerns, for overall skin rejuvenation.

Benefits of skin solution packages

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to use my Skin Solutions all at one time?
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Skin Solutions packages can be used over time as recommended by your dermal clinician. Most treatments achieve optimal results when performed in a particular order and spaced a particular time apart.

Can I swap treatments out of my Skin Solutions package?
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Our Skin Solutions packages have been carefully optimised to treat specific conditions. You cannot swap out the treatments, as this would diminish the efficacy of the package.


Skin health tips for you

If you struggle with acne, you might know that severe or ongoing breakouts are often notoriously difficult to treat. Why? Because acne can be
Discoloured skin - also known as hyperpigmentation - is a common concern for many of our patients. Unwanted pigmentation is often caused by
The top layers of your skin suffer a lot of damage over time, especially from the harmful effects of the sun, pollutants, harsh cosmetics and other
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