Ideal treatment for:

  • Broken capillaries 
  • Cherry angiomas
  • Vein removal
  • Spider veins
  • Varicose veins
  • Facial spider naevi
  • Milia
  • Skin tags
  • Ruby points
  • Blotches
  • Redness

When the capillaries or veins just below the skin surface become damaged and dilate, they create blotchiness or spider-like veins across your skin. Spider veins are red, but over time they can become painful and unattractive varicose veins. Gentle and effective solutions are available for unsightly broken capillaries, cherry angiomas, skin tags and associated vascular disorders - concerns that affect many of us with age.

Vasculyse: A mild current that induces coagulation within capillaries, used to permanently remove broken capillaries, milia, blotches, skin tags and ruby points.

Sclerotherapy: Considered the gold-standard treatment for distended or incompetent veins, sclerotherapy is a quick and simple vein removal procedure involving an injection to shrink vessels and dissolve and remove veins.

Laser vein removal and rejuvenation treatments: Select laser treatments and local cauterisation can achieve excellent results in the treatment of varicose veins, broken capillaries, redness and cherry angiomas.

How it works


Vasculyse is a state of the art thermocoagulation system that uses a device to apply a mild current that induces coagulation within the distended capillary. Once the current has been applied to the treatment area, the body absorbs and eliminate these capillaries. This treatment can be applied to broken capillaries, milia, blotches, skin tags, cherry angiomas and ruby points. It offers a permanent solution as the treated issues will not return to that location on the body. It may be possible for new ones to appear in other locations of the body. Most conditions can be treated in a few short sessions and the process causes minimal discomfort. If there is any skin reaction to the treatment, it is slight and will disappear after a few days.


Currently considered the gold-standard treatment for distended or incompetent veins, sclerotherapy is a quick and simple procedure involving the injection of a dilute sclerosing solution into the affected veins. This solution instantaneously shrinks the injected vessels and over a period of 4-8 weeks the body’s natural healing systems dissolve and remove the treated veins. The sclerosing agent additionally closes feeder veins responsible for the formation of spider veins, making future recurrence less likely in those areas previously treated.

Compared to more invasive surgical treatment options, post-treatment downtime is minimal with patients requiring compression bandages or stockings for at least 2 weeks following the procedure. 2-3 treatments separated by several weeks may significantly improve the condition and appearance of unsightly leg veins, while optimal results may be achieved with annual maintenance treatment.

Laser vein removal and rejuvenation treatments

Broken capillaries, redness, spider veins, cherry angiomas and varicose veins can be treated with various laser modalities. A laser beam is applied to visible blood vessels to help you achieve smoother skin free from discolouration and discomfort.

Patients will differ in terms of their comfort depending on the severity of the capillary damage and the length of treatment. Laser therapy will create mild sensations similar to IPL. Our team may recommend a treatment course for the underlying redness and the blood vessels that are visible across the skin.

For faster recovery, we incorporate vitamin B in the treatment of redness and advise our patients against harsh ingredients including the use of retinol and glycolic acid.


Quickly removes unsightly blemishes

Experience instantly noticeable results on broken capillaries, facial spider naevi, skin tags and other vascular disorders.

Comfortable and safe vein removal

Skin blemish removal therapies are non-invasive with minimal or no discomfort, delivered in a safe medical practice.

Permanent treatment

A permanent solution for vascular skin conditions and blemishes, with results appearing instantly or after just a few sessions.

Safely treat cherry angiomas for blemish-free skin

Permanently remove and treat cherry angiomas and other blemishes on the face and body for a clear complexion and to restore your confidence.

Benefits of Vasculyse Skin blemish removal

Results you will love

Frequently asked questions

What is a broken capillary?
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Broken capillaries are tiny dilated blood vessels that are visible through the skin. These can be caused by a range of factors, including ageing, excessive drinking or smoking, sun damage and changes in temperature. Once they have formed, they will not disappear without specific treatment.

What is a cherry angioma?
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Cherry angiomas are highly visible, smooth red bumps consisting of a collection of blood vessels. They look similar to moles, generally developing in people over 40 and appearing anywhere on the body.

Although they are often benign, if you notice that your cherry angioma bleeds regularly or changes in size, shape or colour, you should discuss these symptoms with your doctor as it could be skin cancer.

Is vein removal and skin blemish removal safe and pain free?
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Skin blemish removal is generally gentle and effective.

Vasculyse uses mild currents which have been utilised in aesthetic medicine for more than four decades, and is virtually painless.

Sclerotherapy and laser treatments give only minimal discomfort and are performed by our experienced team in a safe medical practice.

How long does vein and skin blemish removal take and how often do I need treatment?
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Vasculyse: The sessions vary between five and 15 minutes and most conditions can be treated in one to three sessions.

Sclerotherapy: A quick and simple procedure with results over a period of four to eight weeks. Two to three treatments separated by several weeks may significantly improve unsightly veins, while optimal results may be achieved with annual maintenance treatment.

Laser vein removal and rejuvenation treatments: Depending on the type of veins, you may require more than one session to achieve the outcome you desire. Our laser treatments are spaced four to six weeks apart. This will allow the targeted vessels to be reabsorbed into the body during this period. Treatments can take 10 minutes in-centre and are non-invasive.

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