Summer brings hotter days, longer daylight hours, and better conditions for enjoying the outdoors. But as we pack away our jackets and reach instead for the short sleeves, now is the time to make sure we’re doing our best to look after our skin
6 December 2023
With summer approaching, it is important to remember that exposure to the sun can seriously harm your skin, with as little as ten minutes of sun being enough to cause skin ageing and potentially deadly skin cancers. In this blog, let’s explore why
12 October 2023
“We are the number one country in the world for skin cancers. It's a preventable cancer. It just requires you to make a booking. Please do it, please go and get a check-up.”
3 October 2023
When Nicola Clarke first noticed a change in her skin, she booked in to see a doctor, who diagnosed her with melanoma. In the past year she has been treated for 20 skin cancers.
31 August 2023