How long can we be out in the sun before we experience skin damage? One of our Skin Cancer Doctors, Dr Helena Rosengren, was recently featured on Townsville's Triple M radio to speak about the important topic of sun exposure and skin cancer checks!
16 June 2022
Did you know that men aged over 55 are at highest risk of skin cancer? In Australia, men are twice more likely than women to develop skin cancer. Unfortunately, men are also less likely to see a doctor about new or changing moles, and they
9 June 2022
"A family history of skin cancer can be very important" in identifying your own risk of developing the potentially life-threatening disease, according to Skin Cancer Doctor Terry Harvey.
12 April 2022
The sun emits ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which consists of different types of rays including UVA and UVB. These affect your skin in different ways. Let’s look at the differences between UVA and UVB rays, and how you can protect your skin from harm.
12 April 2022