“For someone who gets their skin checked at a regular interval, your chances of running into a life-threatening melanoma are really slim.” In this short video, Skin Cancer Doctor Terry Harvey talks about why early detection of skin cancer (through
12 April 2022
Skin cancer comes in all different shapes, sizes, colours and textures. Usually, skin cancers are noticeable when they appear as a new spot on your body or when an existing mole changes in some way. Sometimes, skin cancers can resemble other lesions
16 May 2022
We are often told that a new or changing mole raises alarm bells for skin cancer. In actuality, it’s very common for people to acquire and lose moles over the course of their lifetime. Most moles are not present at birth but develop from around the
5 October 2021
Living in the country with the highest skin cancer rate in the world, skin cancer is top of mind for many Australians. After all, two thirds of us will develop the disease by the age of 70 and one Australian dies from it every five hours.
12 April 2022