A chance recommendation from her friend saved Tahyla Newton's life. Tahyla (then 19 years old) was on holiday on Tasmania's east coast when her friend noticed a strange mole on her foot and suggested it might be skin cancer. Tahyla thought it was
28 April 2023
Do you know the signs of skin cancer? Watch this short video with Dr Nirush Rameswaran on the early signs and symptoms of skin cancer, including potentially deadly melanoma.
13 September 2022
In this short video, Dr Kerry Summerscales explains how total body photography can be incorporated into your skin cancer check for earliest and most accurate skin cancer detection for high-risk patients.
25 August 2022
“For someone who gets their skin checked at a regular interval, your chances of running into a life-threatening melanoma are really slim.” In this short video, Dr Terry Harvey talks about why early detection of skin cancer (through regular skin
17 February 2022