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Latest Stories

Can you still get skin cancer in winter?

CATEGORY: Prevention

As temperatures drop, don't think you can put away the sunscreen and hang up your sun hat. It's important to wear sun protection year-round to lower your chances of getting skin cancer - even in winte...

5 places you might forget to apply sunscreen

CATEGORY: Prevention

You may be vigilant with your sunscreen use while spending time outdoors, but when it comes to full-body sun protection, there are some places people commonly forget about. Regular exposure to the sun...

Do you believe these 4 sunscreen myths?

CATEGORY: Prevention

  Sunscreen should be a staple of your everyday skin care routine, but there are many misconceptions about its use that could be putting you at risk of sunburn, skin damage and skin cancer. Here are f...

6 tips to stay sun safe while camping

CATEGORY: Prevention

Whether it's during the school holidays or just for a weekend getaway, camping is a favourite for many Australians. It's a great opportunity to get off the grid, explore the outdoors, and enjoy life a...

A beginner's guide to skin care

CATEGORY: Prevention

Looking after your skin can feel like a daunting task. There is so much choice when it comes to skin care products, and it can be difficult to know where to start or if what you're doing is working. H...

How to protect your scalp from the sun

CATEGORY: Prevention

We know the sun protection habits we should adopt to keep our bodies safe from the sun: put on sunscreen before we go outdoors, seek shade whenever possible, and wear clothing that covers exposed skin...

Sunscreen: Let's face the facts

CATEGORY: Prevention

We are frequently told that sunscreen is non-negotiable - that we should be applying it every morning as part of our daily skin care routine. After all, regular sunscreen use is a key factor in keepin...

What you need to know: outdoor workers and skin cancer

CATEGORY: Prevention

Did you know that outdoor workers have a significantly increased risk of developing sun-related illnesses including heatstroke and skin cancer? If you work outdoors, it's important to take steps every...

How to prevent skin cancer

CATEGORY: Prevention

As two in three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70, it is very important to be vigilant about your skin health and take action today to ensure your skin is protected from ...

What is the UV Index and what does it mean?

CATEGORY: Prevention

Did you know that it is not the sun's heat or light that burns your skin, but rather the UV radiation? We are often encouraged to check the UV Index before going outside to avoid getting sunburnt, whi...