10 Tips for Healthy Skin

Looking after your skin can dramatically improve its appearance, protect it from skin cancer, and reduce the signs of ageing. We have compiled 10 tips for healthy, glowing skin.

1. Eat well

Eating fresh foods is beneficial for your health and has positive effects on your skin. Choose foods high in antioxidants and vitamins to give your skin a healthy glow and to repair signs of ageing, such as fine lines and wrinkles. Foods that are especially good for your skin include berries, green leafy vegetables, broccoli, citrus, kiwi fruits, sunflower seeds and almonds.

2. Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water will help to hydrate your skin. Dehydration causes a multitude of health problems and also leads to wrinkles, especially on the face. Drinking a minimum of two litres of water each day will keep you hydrated from the inside out.

3. Use quality skincare products

Choose skincare products that are high in nutrients and vitamins to give your skin the best nourishment. You don't just want to cleanse your skin - you want to repair and rejuvenate it.

rsz_chemical_peel4. Moisturise

Along with clean water, skin moisturisers help to keep your skin hydrated. Look for products that are gentle and suited to your skin type. Good quality moisturisers can do wonders for fresh-looking skin.

5. Have a daily skincare routine

Commit to a daily regime. Get in the habit of cleaning your skin and applying your products twice a day - in the morning and before bed. It won't take long to develop a healthy habit.

6. Sleep well

While you're sleeping, your body repairs and rejuvenates skin cells, so it's important to give your body time to do this. Aim to get eight hours of quality sleep each night.

7. Avoid skin-harming habits

Smoking and drinking will take a toll on your skin. Giving up smoking is hugely beneficial for your health, your skin and your wallet. Alcohol is dehydrating and will add years onto your face, so should only be done in moderation if you want to maintain a healthy look.

8. De-stress

Stress has a massive impact on your health and your skin, so embrace what makes you happy and limit your exposure to the things that cause chaos in your life.

9. Limit makeup

Wearing lots of make-up clogs your pores, resulting in blackheads and pimples. If you wear makeup every day, look for natural cosmetics that are gentle on your skin, and remove it before bed.

10. Protect your skin from the sun

Too much sun is very damaging to your skin. Over exposures causes permanent damage to your skin cells, leading to early signs of ageing and the development of skin cancers. Over 750,000 skin cancers are treated in Australia every year and it only takes 10 minutes of unprotected UV exposure to damage your cells, so remember to apply sunscreen every day as part of your skincare routine for healthy skin.

It's also important to get your skin checked by a medical professional at least once a year, or more if you're at high risk of skin cancer. Find out your risk here. A full-body skin examination only takes 30 minutes and is completely painless. Your doctor will look for signs of skin cancer and other nasty things that shouldn't be present on your skin.