4 benefits of anti-wrinkle injections you might not know

You may be surprised to learn that anti-wrinkle injectables aka neurotoxins such as Botulinum toxin, Xeomin or Dysport have many more uses besides simply relaxing wrinkles. While the injectables have great anti-ageing benefits on the face – removing, fading and preventing wrinkles and fine lines – there are plenty of other reasons why you might consider this treatment.

Lift your nose

Injecting neurotoxins near the base of your nose can help it appear more lifted, opening up the whole face and giving a more youthful overall appearance. For people who have sagging noses, injectables can release the muscle that pulls the nose downward and give the effect of a lifted nose. Undergoing this procedure can offer a simpler, faster alternative to cosmetic surgery.

Enhance your lips

A neurotoxin injection in the upper lip can help to push it up and out, giving the impression of fuller lips. Neurotoxin injectables are less expensive than typical collagen injections for lips and give a subtle lift that goes a long way in making the lips appear fuller and more youthful.

Smooth out your neck and décolletage

Wrinkle relaxants can be injected in other sites besides the face. They are also a great tool for the neck and upper chest area. These areas can become rough, wrinkled and damaged due to sun exposure over time, and can show tell-tale signs of ageing. When neurotoxins are injected above and below the lines of the neck and chest, the wrinkles are relaxed, and the skin is smoothed. The overall effect results in a more youthful look overall.

Untitled design (2)Relieve your migraines

Neurotoxin injections are also a great way to relieve chronic migraines! When injected into the temples, on the back of the neck and the base of the head, they can relax the muscles and lessen the pain and tension from chronic migraines. These injectables can also be used between the eyebrows to reduce frowning, which can cause tension headaches and exacerbate migraines.

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