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National Skin Cancer Centres

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5 sneaky ways your skin is exposed to UV

CATEGORY: skin cancer, sunburn

We might think it’s obvious when our skin has been exposed to too much sun. It sometimes happens when we’ve gone to the beach and forgotten to re-apply sunscreen, or when we’ve headed out for a walk i...

What's so bad about sunburn?

What’s so bad about sunburn? In the short-term, it causes pain, redness and discomfort, but this quickly fades and leaves many of us with a glowing tan. So what is sunburn and why is it so bad? Why sh...

How can I prepare my kids for my skin cancer surgery?

CATEGORY: skin cancer surgery, skin cancer, skin cancer treatment

If you have an upcoming skin cancer procedure, you probably have a lot on your mind. If you are a parent, one of those things might be how your kids will react to your surgery – after all, any bandage...

Driving your skin cancer risk

CATEGORY: skin cancer, Risks

When you think about factors that increase your skin cancer risk, you probably think of direct sun exposure, repeated sunburns at the beach, tanning by the pool, or spending endless hours outdoors. Tr...

Are skin cancer patients at greater risk of COVID-19?

CATEGORY: skin cancer, Risks

Are you at higher risk of catching COVID-19 – or experiencing more severe symptoms – if you currently have skin cancer or are a skin cancer survivor?

How to protect your eyes from skin cancer

CATEGORY: skin cancer, eye problems, Prevention

When you think of skin cancer, you might think of an ugly mole or freckle somewhere on your skin – maybe on your cheeks where they’ve seen too much sun, or your shoulders where you tend to tan. But th...

Why you shouldn't try at-home mole removal

CATEGORY: skin cancer surgery, skin cancer, skin cancer treatment, mole removal

You've noticed a worrying wart, a changing mole, a freckle that wasn’t there before, or maybe a skin tag you would rather be without. You’re not thrilled about seeing a doctor for your concern – it’s ...

7 ways to prepare for your skin cancer check

CATEGORY: skin cancer, skin cancer check

Skin cancer checks are one of those regular medical check-ups that should be fixed in every Australian’s annual calendar. It is recommended that all adults see their doctor for a full-body skin exam a...

Everything you should know about skin cancer around the eyes

CATEGORY: skin cancer, eye problems

When we think of areas of the body most affected by skin cancer, most of us think of those highly sun-exposed areas like the arms, shoulders and nose. But did you know that a very common site for skin...

What to do when you're accidentally sunburnt

CATEGORY: skin cancer, skincare, sunburn

No one enjoys getting sunburnt, and very few people intentionally bake in the sun (or, at least, you shouldn’t). But sometimes the sun catches you unprepared and sunburn happens. There’s no reversing ...