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National Skin Cancer Centres

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What to do when you're accidentally sunburnt

CATEGORY: skin cancer, skincare, sunburn

No one enjoys getting sunburnt, and very few people intentionally bake in the sun (or, at least, you shouldn’t). But sometimes the sun catches you unprepared and sunburn happens. There’s no reversing ...

How to understand sunscreen labels

CATEGORY: sunscreen

Do you know what terms like “broad-spectrum” and “SPF” mean on sunscreen labels? A recent study of nearly 500 people in the US found that many people don’t understand several key terms on sunscreen pr...

Male vasectomy: Everything you should know

In addition to our expert skin cancer services, we also perform male vasectomy procedures at our centre in Ridgehaven, SA. Our doctors have over 30 years' experience in performing these procedures and...

Happy Holidays from National Skin Cancer Centres!

The year 2020 has been an interesting ride for all of us! Some of our personal highlights include expanding our centres to 12 locations across Australia (with more to come), seeing 80,000 patients (an...

How to manage greasy skin caused by sunscreen

CATEGORY: sunscreen

It’s no secret that Australians need to wear sunscreen every day, even in winter. Our skin cancer rates are the highest in the world, with over 800,000 diagnoses each year. Part of the Aussie way of l...

Nodular melanoma: What you need to know

CATEGORY: skin cancer, skin cancer diagnosis, Treatment, melanoma

What is nodular melanoma, what does it look like, who is at risk, and what is the prognosis if you have it? Here is everything you need to know about nodular melanoma.

National Skin Cancer Action Week 2020

CATEGORY: skin cancer, skin cancer diagnosis, Prevention, skin cancer check

Looking after your skin health is always essential, but for one week every year, we have a special reminder about the importance of taking action against skin cancer, knowing your risk, and protecting...

5 health checks you need to have

CATEGORY: skin cancer, skin cancer check, skin check

Medical screenings and routine health check-ups undoubtedly save lives. Early detection of certain diseases and cancers can significantly improve your chances of survival and are often the catalyst fo...

What life moments wouldn’t you want to miss out on?

CATEGORY: skin cancer, Stories, #DontMissOut

Meet Chris. A loving father of two, significant other, and just your “average” Australian bloke. So much so, he’s also been diagnosed with melanoma, just like 9,480 other Australian men who are estima...

6 tips to prep your skin for summer

CATEGORY: skin cancer, skincare, skin cancer check, skin tips

Summer is on the horizon, bringing with it some hotter days, longer daylight hours, and better conditions for enjoying the outdoors. As we pack away our jackets and reach instead for the short sleeves...