What life moments wouldn’t you want to miss out on?

Meet Chris. A loving father of two, significant other, and just your “average” Australian bloke. So much so, he’s also been diagnosed with melanoma, just like 9,480 other Australian men who are estimated to be diagnosed this year alone.

That’s right. Every minute an Australian is diagnosed with skin cancer and, sadly, every five hours an Australian dies from melanoma.

Thanks to a suggestion made by a friend while watching cricket and having a beer, Chris went for his first skin cancer check. What he thought was an irritated rash he’d picked up during his typical day as a gardener, was actually stage 2 melanoma.

While having the melanoma removed, Chris was told by his Doctor that if he hadn’t come in for a check-up when he did, he might not be here today.

“My first thoughts were, ‘not me, what about everyone else?’. What about my children? My mum. My sister. My dad, of course. I couldn’t think of a life for the kids without me being here,” Chris said.

When faced with challenging moments in life, we often don’t think of ourselves, but rather our loved ones or milestones we would miss out on if we weren’t here.

At least two in three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer before they reach the age of 70. Although this statistic may be alarming, the use of surgery, treatments and prevention methods such as, you guesssed it, regular skin cancer checks, have proven effective in extending the life expectancy in affected people.

“From my perspective, it’s a matter of life and death,” Chris said.

“I’ve been someone that didn’t think that I needed to have a skin check-up, and now, I’m telling all my friends and family that they just need to get it done.

“My mum, my sister, brother-in-law, other family members have all done something because something has happened with me.”

Watch Chris’ full skin cancer story below.


Having a regular skin cancer check with a qualified Doctor is the best defence against skin cancer, which kills one Australian every five hours every day. The earlier skin cancer is diagnosed, the best the chances are for treatment.

#DontMissOut on your skin cancer check. #DontMissOut on life’s moments.

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