[COVID-19] Should I still get a skin check?

In these uncertain times, we want to let you know that we are still here for you. During the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, please don’t forget the importance of maintaining your skin health. Our skin cancer centres across Australia are still open to serve you.


Should you still get a skin check?

Skin cancer kills five people in Australia every day and unfortunately diagnoses are still a daily occurrence at our centres. Skin cancer won’t wait during the health crisis, and neither should you. Early diagnosis is essential for successful treatment and cure, and we look forward to continuing to welcome you for your skin check.

What are we doing to protect you?

As a medical centre, we are taking all precautions to protect the health of our patients and staff. We are going above and beyond to provide patients with a safe and clean environment for skin checks and treatments, and we will continue to maintain extremely high hygiene standards as this crisis unfolds.

Some of the steps we are taking include:

  • All staff follow a strict hand washing protocol.
  • Hand sanitisers are available to all patients.
  • All patients and staff will have their temperature checked upon arrival (at most centres).
  • We rigorously sanitise all treatment rooms, equipment and high-touch surfaces in between all patient interactions.
  • Our waiting rooms have been refurnished to adhere to social distancing regulations.
  • You are welcome to wait outside or in your car before your appointment and call us when you have arrived, and we will let you know when you can come in.
  • High-risk or unwell patients are not seen and are asked to reschedule their appointment.
  • Our staff have not travelled or had contact with high-risk people and are monitored closely for symptoms.
  • All our staff have completed the Australian Government Department of Health COVID-19 training.
  • We closely work with our Medical Director, Professor David Wilkinson, who is also an experienced Epidemiologist, for the most up-to-date medical advice.

The true risk of COVID-19 exposure at our centre is extremely low – much lower than other public spaces such as the supermarket.

Please don't cancel your skin check or treatment, unless you suspect you have the virus or may have been exposed to it. For us, it is business as usual as we continue to save lives through the early detection of skin cancer.

Please call your local centre if you have any questions or if we can serve you in any way.