Do young people need a skin cancer check?

There is a common misconception that skin cancer only affects older people. In reality, skin cancer can affect anyone of any age! In fact, the most common form of cancer in young Australians is melanoma - the deadliest form of skin cancer.

So, do young people need a skin cancer check? And if so, from what age? Dr Alvin Prakash explains in this short video.

Watch the full video now:


While most skin cancers are found in people aged over 40 - and particularly in people aged over 55 - nobody is immune to the disease, especially when living in Australia, the world's skin cancer capital.

In the video, Dr Prakash explains the importance of young people getting professional skin cancer checks, and how parents can keep an eye on their children's skin for any suspicious changes.

He also talks about the importance of educating young people about sun safety and skin cancer prevention and early detection, including the story of one young patient whose life was changed by a scary diagnosis.

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