Don't let skin cancer have the upper hand

Meet the champions of Armwrestling Australia who joined us in the fight against skin cancer!


Did you know that men in Australia are twice as likely as women to be diagnosed with skin cancer? Sadly, men are also less vigilant about getting skin checks.

We conducted an online survey of Aussie men and found that 79 per cent haven't had a skin check this year.

Research confirms that men are generally less likely to see a doctor, which results in late diagnoses and deadlier outcomes.

So, we partnered with the champions of Armwrestling Australia, a male-dominated sport, to help us spread the word in the fight against skin cancer! We loved hearing their stories and converting them to get their regular skin cancer check.

This Movember is an ideal opportunity to bring awareness to men's health issues. Please help us share the word further and encourage your family, friends and colleagues to get a skin cancer check. It could save their life!

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