How beauty affects happiness

Visible signs of ageing can be tough to handle. The media surrounds us with forever-young celebrities and glamorous models, reflecting a society that values beauty.

We know that beauty is only skin deep, but it can still be challenging when we start to see the fine lines, sagging skin, uneven tones and unsightly wrinkles developing on our faces.

Untitled design (29)A report from FACE gives us some insight into how people – particularly women – perceive the ageing process, and how it affects their happiness.

Wrinkles is the visible sign of ageing that affects women most, followed by sagging and uneven skin tone. More than half of women say they feel self-conscious about the signs of ageing and, on average, there is an eight-year gap between how they feel and how they look.

Looking a few years younger would make 31 per cent of women feel more confident, 11 per cent feel more relaxed, and nine per feel cent happier.

Fifteen per cent of people said they would feel more like themselves if they had a younger look. A person’s perception of their “best self” is often based on a largely physical assessment; yet, as we get older, our sense of self truly develops as we achieve milestones such as creating families, finding our purpose, and surrounding ourselves with the right people. So, we don’t really need physical beauty in order to be the best we can be.

Perhaps defying negative social expectations is the first step to finding what really makes us beautiful.

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