How much sun gives you skin cancer?

How long can we be out in the sun before we experience skin damage? One of our doctors, Dr Helena Rosengren, was recently featured on Townsville's Triple M radio to speak about the important topic of sun exposure and skin cancer checks!

Listen to the full radio interview now:


In the interview, Dr Rosengren highlights how easy it is to burn (even during the cooler months!), and that you don't have to experience sunburn to develop skin damage and skin cancer, according to the latest research.

"You don't have to burn to develop skin cancer."

"It just takes small amounts of incremental sun - just being outside for a few minutes, driving your car, hanging out the washing," Dr Rosengren says.

"I don't think people realise how serious it is. You see people without hats, even out sunbaking. We have our children swimming without rashies on."

So, how often should you get a full skin cancer check?

"[How often you get a skin check] depends on your risk factors," says Dr Rosengren.

After getting your initial check-up, Dr Rosengren advises that the frequency of your follow-up visits depends on your skin type, how many freckles you've got, if you've had skin cancer before, if you work outdoors, and how old you are.