How often should I get a skin cancer check?

How often should you get a full-body skin cancer check and how can you identify your skin cancer risk? In this short video, Dr Vy Huynh explains how often you should see a professional for a comprehensive examination of your skin, and how your personal risk factors influence this.

"You should get a skin check once a year, as a rule, but it depends on your age, skin type and risk factors," says Dr Huynh.

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Dr Huynh explains that younger patients and those with darker skin types may not need to come in for a full skin check every year. Instead, their doctor may advise an alternative schedule to ensure their skin is well cared for, with skin checks every two years or more. As skin cancer can develop on people of any age and skin type, it's still important to consult your doctor about your risk factors and get regular skin checks.

Older patients and those with sun-damaged skin may need more frequent skin checks, even up to four times a year, because the earlier skin cancer can be found and treated, the less invasive the treatment and the more likely your chances of survival.

Dr Huynh goes on to discuss why skin cancer is so prevalent in Australia and why early detection (through frequent, regular skin cancer checks with a doctor) is so essential.