"You're not above cancer": Luke Bradnam's melanoma story

“We are the number one country in the world for skin cancers. It's a preventable cancer. It just requires you to make a booking. Please do it, please go and get a check-up.”  

9News weather presenter Luke Bradnam has been diagnosed with melanoma. He is now pleading with all Australians to stay sun safe and get regular skin checks.

“You're not above cancer, we are all candidates. You're not bulletproof and you're not going to go forever.”

The Queenslander has recently shared his skin cancer journey with the media, emphasising the importance of timely skin checks after his wife prompted him to see a doctor about a spot on his collarbone.

The spot was diagnosed as melanoma. Luckily, the cancer was caught at an early stage, so Bradnam has a high chance of recovery.

A single peeling sunburn before your seventh birthday will double your lifetime risk of getting a melanoma, which is why regular skin checks are so important. If you see something unusual on your skin, see us right away.

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