How anti-wrinkle injections can treat excessive sweating

Excessive sweating, medically known as hyperhidrosis, can be an embarrassing and distressing condition that affects millions of people worldwide. Those who suffer from this condition often find their daily lives impacted by constant perspiration, leading to social discomfort and reduced quality of life.

Fortunately, advances in medical science have provided an effective treatment for excessive sweating: - botulinum toxin.

What is hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition characterised by overactive sweat glands, leading to excessive sweating beyond what is necessary to regulate body temperature. It can manifest in specific areas such as:

  • Underarms (axillary hyperhidrosis),
  • hands (palmar hyperhidrosis),
  • Feet (plantar hyperhidrosis), and
  • Face

This condition can significantly impact your social and professional life, causing discomfort, anxiety, and self-consciousness.

How can botulinum toxin help with hyperhidrosis?

Botulinum toxin is a purified protein derived from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It is well-known for its cosmetic use in reducing facial wrinkles. However, it has also shown remarkable success in treating excessive sweating.

The treatment involves injecting small, diluted amounts of botulinum toxin directly into the affected areas. The toxin works by blocking the nerve signals that stimulate the sweat glands, effectively reducing their activity and consequently decreasing sweat production. The procedure is safe and minimally invasive, making it an attractive option for those seeking relief from excessive sweating.

What are the benefits of botulinum toxin treatment?

The botulinum toxin treatment for hyperhidrosis has multiple benefits. Here are a few:

  • Highly effective: Botulinum toxin has demonstrated high efficacy in treating hyperhidrosis, providing significant relief from excessive sweating in the treated areas.
  • Minimally invasive: The treatment involves small injections, which are generally well-tolerated by patients. There is little to no downtime, allowing individuals to resume their daily activities immediately.
  • Long-lasting results: While individual responses may vary, the effects of botulinum toxin treatment for hyperhidrosis typically last for several months, offering extended relief from excessive sweating.
  • Improved quality of life: The reduction in excessive sweating can lead to increased self-confidence, improved social interactions, and a better overall quality of life for patients.

What is the procedure like?

The procedure may take about 15 to 30 minutes. During the treatment, the clinician will cleanse the targeted area and apply a topical anaesthetic if needed to minimise discomfort. Small amounts of botulinum toxin are then injected into the skin using a fine needle. Patients may experience mild discomfort during the injections, but this is usually brief and well-tolerated.

Following the treatment, patients can resume their regular activities. Some may experience mild swelling or redness at the injection sites, which typically subsides within a few hours to a day. Results may become noticeable within a few days to a week and can last for approximately 4 to 6 months.


If you or someone you know experiences the distress of hyperhidrosis, consulting a qualified medical professional to explore the benefits of botulinum toxin treatment could lead to a life-changing solution and an improved quality of life.




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