Is Thermage CPT right for me?

Loose or saggy skin is the number one age-related cosmetic issue. It is the root cause of many other problems, such as fine lines, wrinkles, droopy eyebrows, and jowls. No wonder many patients are looking for effective ways to turn the clock back by tightening their skin.

A surgical procedure (facelift) is still the most effective method to achieve this. The changes are drastic, and the effects last the longest. But, cosmetic surgery is not for everyone. It is highly invasive, with a substantial risk of complications. The recovery process is long, and the cost is high.

Modern medicine offers some effective non-invasive solutions, such as Thermage CPT. So, if you think your skin could use some tightening but surgery is out of the question, this is a treatment for you.

How does Thermage CPT work?

The CPT stands for Comfort Pulsed Technology. The procedure does not involve injecting, cutting, bleeding, or stitching. It focuses on improving the fundamental cause of saggy skin – the drop in natural collagen production.

The Thermage CPT device uses radiofrequency (RF) to deeply heat the skin, remodel the existing collagen, and make it more cohesive. It also boosts the synthesis of new collagen.

Thermage CPT does not only work on the face and neck. It covers most of the body, including the hands, legs, abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. It’s helpful with cellulite, too.

What are the effects of Thermage CPT?

With this procedure, the skin tightening effect is natural. The first results are instantly visible, but the treated areas keep improving as the collagen supply increases.

Most patients report improvements in skin texture. The skin becomes suppler, the fine lines and wrinkles diminish, and the contours (cheekbones, jawline, etc.) become more visible.

Thermage CPT is painless, although some redness and swelling may occur a few hours after the session.

Thermage CPT is a safe and effective non-invasive skin-tightening technique. It's a viable solution for mild to moderate loose skin issues. The risk of complications is minimal, there is no downtime, and the cost is reasonable.

Thermage CPT is available at Al Nour Skin Centre.

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