5 reasons why a doctor-led skin clinic may be a safer choice for you

A doctor-led skin clinic can provide a premium level of expertise to deliver safer and more effective skin therapies for you, including access to medical-grade aesthetic treatments in dedicated facilities that adhere to a strict code of medical standards and ethics.

Under the direction of AHPRA-registered doctors who are always on-site during your treatment, a medical skin clinic can support you with conclusive diagnoses and scientifically proven treatments while adeptly minimising risk and managing any complications that may arise.

Let’s look at five reasons why a doctor-led skin clinic may be a safer choice for you.

1. A doctor-led skin clinic provides a higher level of expertise

Doctors practising in Australia have a mandatory requirement to keep their skills, certifications, and knowledge constantly up to date. With years of medical experience and advanced certifications in aesthetic medicine, general dermatology, skin cancer medicine, or other related fields, doctors regularly refresh their training with the latest updates in techniques, tools, and regulations.

This level of advanced special interest medical training ensures that doctors are equipped to provide and supervise the highest level of care and expertise to you, taking your comprehensive medical history into account to ensure your safety before, during, and after treatment.

2. A doctor-led skin clinic can address complications and side effects

While complications from skin treatments administered at a doctor-led skin clinic are rare, medical physicians have the necessary emergency training and knowledge to address any adverse reactions promptly and effectively if they arise.

3. A doctor-led skin clinic can provide medical-grade products and services

A medical practice led by a doctor has access to a greater range of products and services to treat your skin concerns, including more advanced therapies supported by scientific research. If you require a prescription for medication or medical-grade skin treatments, doctors usually have the ability to prescribe these, so you won’t need a referral to another doctor or specialist.

4. A doctor-led skin clinic can be a safer practice

As medical physicians receive extensive training in facial anatomy and physiology, as well as the diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions, you are in safe and experienced hands at a doctor-led skin clinic.

5. A doctor-led skin clinic must comply with strict medical protocols

All doctors practising in Australia must adhere to strict standards imposed by the Medical Board of Australia in order to continue practising medicine, which includes regular professional development and advancements in skills, experience, and ethics.