Skin checks with male vs female doctors

Have you been putting off getting a full-body skin cancer check because you would like to be examined by a doctor of a particular gender?

Many people enquire about skin examinations at our skin cancer centres and specifically request an appointment with either a male or female doctor. In fact, waiting to be seen by a doctor of a particular gender is a very common reason why people put off getting a skin check, despite the fact that the benefits of a skin check outweigh the relatively brief discomfort.

Here is what you should know about male vs female doctors.

Is it okay to ask?

Yes! Very regularly, people book appointments at our skin cancer centres and specifically ask if a male or female doctor is available, or request to see a specific physician at our clinic. Many women, in particular, prefer to see a female doctor for their annual full-body skin exam. In fact, research suggests that 64 per cent of women would prefer to see a female doctor for this kind of exam, while 70 per cent of men don't have a preference. It's entirely okay to ask for a doctor of a particular gender.

We have both male and female doctors available in most of our centres; in cases where only male doctors are available, we can provide a female chaperone and always have female nurses available for support.

Canva - Four People Holding Green Check Signs Standing on the Field PhotographyWhy would I ask for a male or female doctor?

Some people feel uneasy or insecure about revealing their bodies during a skin check. While full-body skin exams are non-invasive and always conducted with the utmost care and discretion, they are usually performed while you are wearing just your underwear. Our doctors will only examine the skin beneath your underwear if you ask them to, and modesty gowns are available for all patients.

Many different religious and cultural beliefs exist in Australia that restrict women from being alone in a room with a non-related male. We respect all cultural beliefs and will accommodate this where necessary.

Does it make a difference?

Your health and comfort are our top priority, and we're happy if you're happy! We have both male and female doctors available at most of our skin cancer centres across Australia, and they are all certified and experienced in these procedures. Our doctors do this work every day and you can be assured that your skin check will be handled with the utmost professionalism.

Ultimately, we strive every day to deliver an unparalleled patient experience, and we are happy to accommodate preferences for either male or female doctors at our centres. All you have to do is ask!