As we bid farewell to summer, many of us are left with unwanted souvenirs from our days in the sun. Sun damage manifests as pigmentation irregularities, fine lines and uneven skin tone, and these skin problems can leave us feeling less than
12 March 2024
Sun damage can create excess pigmentation and freckles across your face, neck, chest and legs, leaving you looking tired and aged. Laser pigmentation removal helps to even out your skin tone, improve skin texture, and remove unwanted pigmentation
1 December 2022
Hyperpigmentation is a common concern for many of our patients. Unwanted pigmentation is often caused by inflammation, hormonal imbalances or sun exposure, and can take many forms, from patches of darkened skin to sun spots, age spots, freckles, and
25 November 2022
Pigmentation issues present as patches of a lighter or darker colour than the surrounding skin. They differ in size and shape, from tiny dots and blemishes to broader marks and stains. In most cases, pigmentation is only an aesthetic issue. However,
6 October 2022