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Latest Stories

How to maintain a healthy skin microbiome

CATEGORY: skincare

A balanced microbiome is essential for maintaining healthy and beautiful skin. The microbiome is one of the key things your Dermal Therapist or Doctor will keep in mind when tackling a range of skin c...

How to rehydrate your dry winter skin

CATEGORY: LED, skincare, dry skin, redness

Our skin goes through a lot during winter. Some of the most common challenges during the cooler months are dryness, dehydration, dullness and redness, and it can be frustrating to overhaul your skinca...

Skincare for all ages

CATEGORY: Skin ageing, skincare

What skincare should you be using for your skin? While we all have different skin types and concerns, there are a few common skincare tips for every age group.

Is skin resurfacing doing more harm than good to our skin?

CATEGORY: Skin ageing, skincare, resurfacing, microneedling

There is nothing quite as satisfying as a freshly scrubbed face, glowing and clean. The widely held opinion by many skin therapists and consumers is that the ultimate way to achieve a fresh, youthful ...

Let's talk about ageing eyes

CATEGORY: eye problems, Skin ageing, skincare, Liquid Gold Facelift

The eyes is one of those troublesome areas that plague us as we get older. From dark under-eye circles to puffiness and fine lines, the eyes can give away our age, stress levels and quality of sleep i...

What to do when you're accidentally sunburnt

CATEGORY: skin cancer, skincare, sunburn

No one enjoys getting sunburnt, and very few people intentionally bake in the sun (or, at least, you shouldn’t). But sometimes the sun catches you unprepared and sunburn happens. There’s no reversing ...

Skincare & repair for menopausal women

CATEGORY: Skin ageing, skincare, skin rejuvenation

Did you know that 47 million women around the world start menopause each year? Menopause is triggered by hormonal changes in the ageing body, bringing with it a host of problems such as weight gain, h...

Your skin FAQs answered!

CATEGORY: acne, skincare

It can be difficult knowing what skincare products or treatments work for you, let alone understanding the causes of various skin concerns. For example, what is melasma? How is pigmentation caused? Wh...

6 tips to prep your skin for summer

CATEGORY: skin cancer, skincare, skin cancer check, skin tips

Summer is on the horizon, bringing with it some hotter days, longer daylight hours, and better conditions for enjoying the outdoors. As we pack away our jackets and reach instead for the short sleeves...

Skincare explained: Your 7 step skincare routine

CATEGORY: skincare

Did you know that the sequence you apply your skincare really matters? Applying your skincare products in the proper order ensures that your skin receives the full benefits of each product every day, ...