As we bid farewell to summer, many of us are left with unwanted souvenirs from our days in the sun. Sun damage manifests as pigmentation irregularities, fine lines and uneven skin tone, and these skin problems can leave us feeling less than
12 March 2024
Did you know about 80 per cent of ageing is caused by sun damage? In this short video, Professor David Wilkinson explains the common skin concerns he sees in his practice as a result of sun damage (such as pigmentation, wrinkles, ageing, skin
6 September 2022
The sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays have a lasting effect on your skin. They are responsible for the majority of skin cancers and also have a significant impact on ageing. Over your lifetime, prolonged incremental exposure to UV radiation can accumulate
16 August 2022
Does the sun speed up the skin's ageing process? Read on for expert advice from one of our Cosmetic Physicians to learn more about the sun's ageing effects on our skin, and how you can prevent and treat solar-damaged skin.
16 August 2022