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Latest Stories

Is my clothing protecting me from the sun?

CATEGORY: Prevention, sunburn, sun safety

Along with sunscreen, sunglasses and shade, one of the common sun-safe habits we’re encouraged to adopt is to wear sun protective clothing. But what is sun protective clothing and how do you know if y...

5 sneaky ways your skin is exposed to UV

CATEGORY: skin cancer, sunburn

We might think it’s obvious when our skin has been exposed to too much sun. It sometimes happens when we’ve gone to the beach and forgotten to re-apply sunscreen, or when we’ve headed out for a walk i...

What to do when you're accidentally sunburnt

CATEGORY: skin cancer, skincare, sunburn

No one enjoys getting sunburnt, and very few people intentionally bake in the sun (or, at least, you shouldn’t). But sometimes the sun catches you unprepared and sunburn happens. There’s no reversing ...