Where does skin cancer grow?

Did you know that skin cancer doesn't only grow on sun-exposed skin, but can actually develop anywhere on your body (even inside your mouth!)? In this short video, Dr Vy Huynh explores the prevalence of skin cancer in different areas of the body and how you can protect yourself.

Where does skin cancer most commonly develop?

The most common places for skin cancers to grow are the head and neck regions, followed by the lower legs. Women may experience a higher incidence of skin cancer on their lower legs, while men may develop it more frequently on their backs and trunk.

However, Dr Huynh says it is important to note that skin cancer can develop anywhere on the body, even surprising places like the foot, scalp, finger nails, and even genital and oral areas.

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Is there a difference in skin cancers between men and women?

Skin cancer is more prevalent in men; in Australia, men are twice more likely to die from skin cancer than women. Younger women may be more prone to superficial skin cancers. Older people may experience more aggressive forms of skin cancer associated with prolonged sun damage.

How can I protect myself from skin cancer?

In the video, Dr Huynh provides his advice for protecting your skin health and understanding your personal skin cancer risk.

Dr Huynh says that understanding the common areas affected by skin cancer and practising regular self-checks in between professional skin examinations can help catch skin cancers early, when they are easiest to treat.

Watch the full video with Dr Vy Huynh: