Why are skin checks so important in winter?

Why are skin checks so important in winter? One of our doctors recently featured on 7News to talk about why skin cancer checks are vital even in the cooler months, and how you can monitor your skin at home.

Watch the full news story here:


All Australians are encouraged to get their skin checked during the cooler months, when suspicious changes are easier to identify without the disguise of a summer tan.

Less people have been seeing their doctor for a potentially life-saving skin cancer check during the pandemic – but delaying your annual check-up could lead to worse outcomes for you, such as significant scarring, worsening/spreading of the tumour, or even death.

The cooler weather at this time of year also lures some people into a false sense of safety, yet skin cancers are still prevalent no matter the season.

“It doesn’t really matter what the temperature is outside or whether there is cloud cover,” says Professor David Wilkinson, Chief Medical Officer at National Skin Cancer Centres.

“Sunscreen, hats and shade are still important this winter, and we should also check for any changes ourselves.”

He encourages all Australians to pick a date each month to check your full skin surface deliberately and consciously for any new or changing lesions.

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