How can total body photography help with early skin cancer detection?

"Total body photography takes photos of all your moles on your entire body and categorises them by shape, size and location." In this short video, Dr Nirush Rameswaran explains the benefits of total body photography for early skin cancer detection, who should get it, and how it works.

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"If there is a lesion that we're a bit suspicious about, we can always go back to the reference scan and compare it, and if we've seen changes, that's a red flag."

For high-risk patients, total body photography – combined with a full skin cancer check with a qualified doctor – is the best method to detect skin cancers accurately and identify potential skin cancers as early as possible by monitoring changes over time.

"It can also help eliminate unnecessary excisions," says Dr Rameswaran.

Total body photography is for you if you…

  • have personal or family skin cancer history
  • have many moles or freckles
  • are over 40 years old (especially males)
  • have been sunburned or used a sunbed
  • have a fair complexion
  • have red hair or light-coloured eyes
  • burn easily or don’t tan in the sun
  • work or spend lots of time outdoors
  • have a weakened immune system