Total body photography: How it works

In this short video, Dr Kerry Summerscales explains how total body photography can be incorporated into your skin cancer check for earliest and most accurate skin cancer detection for high-risk patients.

Total body photography is now recommended by experts for all patients in certain skin cancer risk groups.

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"Total body photography takes photos of your entire body... and this intelligence marks out lesions that have changed and anything that is new," says Dr Summerscales.

"The images are brought up side by side, and I can say, 'Look, it's changing' or 'Look, it's new'.

"I'm still going to do a full skin check, but this intelligence draws my eye to a particular lesion."

Dr Summerscales explains which patients are at risk of skin cancer and may therefore benefit from total body photography as part of their regular skin cancer check.

Watch all this and much more in the full video above!

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