How anti-wrinkle injections can treat teeth grinding

If you suffer from bruxism, it means you grind your teeth or clench your jaw, perhaps without realising it during your sleep. Teeth grinding can lead to disfunctions in your jaw and can be detrimental for your teeth, causing chipped, broken or even missing teeth. It can also cause significant pain and headaches.

Treat and prevent teeth grinding and jaw clenching with safe medical therapies.

Our medical-based centre offers a holistic approach to treating a range of aesthetic and medical concerns, and our trained clinicians can deliver treatments to help reduce and prevent teeth grinding.

Teeth grinding can be treated with fast and effective injectable therapies that help stabilise the jaw muscle and prevent it from being over-active. This can provide you with immediate and long-lasting relief.

How injectables relieve teeth grinding

Neurotoxin injections - also known as anti-wrinkle injections - are a great way to relieve medical conditions like bruxism and migraines. When injected into specific points in the masseter muscle, which controls the jaw, they can relax the muscles and lessen the pain and tension from teeth grinding.

These injectables can also be used between the eyebrows to reduce frowning, which can cause tension headaches and exacerbate migraines.

Always consult a qualified professional for specific advice related to your medical conditions and treatment. If you are interested in finding out more about how neurotoxin injections may help you, please give us a call.