Perfect your jawline the non-surgical way

Having a tight and well-defined jawline creates a more youthful appearance. Read on for expert advice from one of our Cosmetic Physicians to learn more about how to reshape or enhance your jawline without surgery.

Dr Maysa Abu laban


Dr Maysa Abu Laban
Dr Maysa Abu Laban has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of cosmetic medicine with over 19 years' work in the field. She completed her Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery while going on to further studies and training in the fields of internal medicine, cosmetic medicine and skin cancer medicine/surgery. She has completed a master's degree in Skin Cancer from The University of Queensland, a Diploma of Skin Cancer Medicine/Surgery and advanced certificates in dermoscopy.

Ageing, significant weight fluctuation, sun damage and stress are all factors that can contribute to an aged lower face and manifest into loose, wrinkled skin, appearance of jowls, double chin, marionette lines and an ill-defined jaw line.

A few years ago, surgical face and neck lifts were the only options available to improve an aged lower face. Thankfully, many non-surgical options are now available that can be used alone or in combination to tighten, define and enhance the appearance of jawline.

What anti-ageing treatments can be used on the jawline?

  1. Threads: The combination of the thick barbed threads and the thin smooth PDO MONO threads can be used for soft tissue support and lifting and for skin tightening. When used properly, the thread lift procedure is safe and effective, has minimal complications and limited downtime.
  2. Energy based devices: Lasers, radiofrequency and ultrasound are widely available and can significantly improve skin quality. Most work by stimulating collagen production and tightening existing tissues. Some also improve and reverse sun damage signs. Results, downtime and possible complications depend on the device/technology selected. Mono polar radiofrequency devices such as Thermage is usually offered as a one-off treatment and has no downtime at all. On the other extreme, ablative lasers (also offered as a one-off treatment) require 7-10 days of downtime. In the middle are the fractioned non-ablative lasers usually offered in a course of three treatments and requiring a day or two of downtime.
  3. Dermal fillers: When appropriate these can be injected along the jawline, angle of the jaw, in the chin and/or marionette lines. The choice is wide between HA fillers and biostimulators. The impact of some fillers is immediate. Results and safety largely depend on the experience of the injector.
  4. Muscle relaxing injections: When appropriate these can be injected along the jawline to reduce the down pull of the strong neck muscles. Similarly, they can be injected to reduce the down pull on the corners of the mouth. They can also be used in the masseter muscles which, in addition to easing off clenching and jaw discomfort, also results in a more tapered jawline.
  5. Fat dissolving injections: These can be a very valuable treatment for reducing the appearance of double chin and jowls. Even though downtime due to swelling can last over a week, the very long-lasting results make it worthwhile.

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