Redefine your smile with a Lip Lift

Have you heard of the Lip Lift? A new trend in dermal filler injections, the Lip Lift (sometimes also called Edge Fillers) can help to give you a wider smile by upturning the corners of your lips!

What is the difference between regular lip filler and a Lip Lift?

Usually, dermal fillers are injected into the centre of your lips to create volume and a plumper shape. The Lip Lift procedure targets the injections at the edges and outer corners of your mouth. This series of strategically placed injections at an upward angle helps to lift your lips and redefine your smile!

What can a Lip Lift help with?

If your lips have a natural downturn, you might struggle to look happy when you smile. As you age, gravity and volume loss might worsen the problem. This can cause you to look permanently grumpy and may affect your self-confidence and social life. Lip Lift or Edge Filler can gently correct this problem to give you a wider and more natural-looking smile – for the ultimate happy lips!

Why do your lips droop at the edges?

Due to gravity and natural collagen loss as you age, the skin in areas of high muscle movement (like the mouth) can become thin and lose volume and eventually wrinkle and sag. Repeated muscle movements like smiling and frowning can make the issue worse. A quick Lip Lift is a great way to reverse these effects of ageing and restore a fuller smile.

Can you add a Lip Lift to your usual lip filler treatment?

Yes, we recommend that patients add a Lip Lift to their usual dermal filler treatment targeted at the centre of the lips to avoid bumpy or uneven results and to balance your entire lips.

Lip Lift is ideal for balancing out your mouth’s outer edge after receiving fillers in the centre of your lips.

What is injected into your face?

Dermal fillers come in a variety of materials and are used to subtly improve the appearance of the ageing face by smoothing fine lines and wrinkles as well as replacing some of the volume loss that occurs as we lose fat from various parts of our face while we age.

Filling material is sourced from naturally occurring substances found in the human body. Our dermal filler products are from reputable companies based in Australia, FDA approved, and incorporate either hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxyapatite. The choice of dermal filler depends on the area to be treated, the depth of filling required, the effect desired, and the characteristics individual to each patient’s face.

Lip Lift fillers are semi-permanent, lasting between six and 12 months. We advise a step by step, minimalistic, gradual approach to achieve subtle and beautiful results over time.