Cost-of-living: Is a skin check worth it?

We understand times are tougher at the moment, and sometimes medical appointments can seem non-essential and fall to the bottom of your budget. However, the current high cost-of-living is even more reason why maintaining your regular skin check is so important. Here's why.

Investing in your routine skin check-up today could save you much more money on complex skin cancer treatments in the future, prevent worse health outcomes for you, and even save your life.

Regular skin checks are not only vital for detecting potential skin cancers early but can also reduce your long-term health impacts and costs.

If you visit your doctor for a routine skin check and they identify a small skin malignancy, they can promptly remove it with a minor surgical procedure, minimising both the financial and physical burden on you. The out-of-pocket costs for such a procedure are typically modest.

However, if you neglect regular skin checks and allow the cancer to progress to a more advanced stage, it can become a much larger problem. Over time, the area requiring treatment may be significantly more extensive, requiring the services of a specialist or plastic surgeon, or general anaesthesia in a hospital, which adds further financial strain.

In the video below, Dr Terry Harvey weighs up the benefits of getting a regular skin check against the financial investment. He says that regular skin checks can help you avoid unexpected and substantial expenses. While there may be minor costs associated with routine check-ups, this proactive approach significantly reduces the likelihood of encountering major unforeseen expenses. 

Further, early detection of skin cancer minimises the physical and emotional impacts of an advanced skin cancer diagnosis. Regular skin checks afford you peace of mind and may save your life.

Frequently asked questions about the cost of skin checks

Q: Is there are a fee for a skin check?

A: Yes. As we are dedicated to providing the best standard of patient care without compromise, we are private billing facilities. As an exception, Veterans are fully bulk-billed, and Concession card holders may receive a special rate at select locations.

Q: How much does a skin check cost?

A: Costs for consultations, skin checks, and procedures differ between locations. Kindly refer to the pricing policy on your nearest skin cancer clinic webpage or call us for specific fees. We offer several payment options, including cash, EFTPOS, and credit card.

Q: Is there a Medicare rebate for a skin check?

A: Yes. For your convenience, we use Medicare Online so your rebate will be refunded promptly.

Q: Why is there a fee for a skin check?

A: At our dedicated skin cancer clinics, we strive to deliver the highest level of care that extends beyond the duration of the appointment. The fee is a reflection not of the time spent with the doctor, but rather of the expertise and comprehensive skin cancer care provided by a doctor with advanced and continuous training in this field, within a dedicated facility. Charging a small fee enables us to invest in the latest technology and ongoing education for all doctors and staff, ensuring we can offer the best possible care to you and our community.

Weighing up the cost of skin checks with Dr Terry Harvey